Indian Restaurant East London – Some Of The Best Indian Dishes

Indian Restaurant East London

Are you planning on visiting an Indian restaurant East London based? If so, and you have not experienced a lot of Indian cuisine before, it is a good idea to get to grips with what will be on offer before you visit. With that being said, below we are going to take a look at some of the tastiest and most popular dishes you can expect on the menu at a Wapping Indian restaurant.

  • Chicken Tikka – Chicken tikka is undoubtedly one of the most popular dishes ordered at Indian restaurants throughout the UK. You can enjoy this dish with fish or a different type of meat, such as lamb, yet chicken tends to be the favoured choice. The boneless chicken pieces are marinated in yoghurt and spices, and then baked in a tandoor. This is one of the less spicy dishes, and it is popular in India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.
  • Samosas – Samosas are a popular entrée. This is a pastry snack that is either baked or deep fried, and filled with anything from peas and onions to potatoes and minced meat. Samosas are enjoyed all over the world, however, Indian samosas tend to be vegetarian and are served with a mint sauce.
  • Biryani – Biryani is an old favourite regularly enjoyed at any Indian restaurant in Wapping. It is a mixed rice dish with many variations available today. The main ingredients are rice and Indian spices. However, you can enjoy anything from vegetable biryani, to king prawn biryani, to tandoor chicken biryani.
  • Vindaloo – If you like your curry hot, and by hot, we mean really hot, then a Vindaloo is for you. Vindaloo is particularly popular in Goa. While it is not the spiciest dish available, it is prized for its fieriness. It is typically made with pork that has been marinated overnight in the likes of garlic and other spices, vinegar, and wine, although this does differ from restaurant to restaurant.

So, there you have it, some of the best Indian dishes to try next time you visit Laksha Bay, an authentic and popular Indian restaurant East London way.

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